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McPherson Commercial Capital (MCC) provides capital and funding solutions for businesses of all types. These may include equipment financing or leasing or working capital financing in the form of asset based loans as well as assisting and advising our clients in regard to real estate loans or leases and in raising equity in the form of capital, mezzanine, or subordinated debt.

MCC provides services to businesses in a spectrum of industries including:

  • Chain Restaurants
  • Franchised Businesses
  • Retailing
  • Wholesaling
  • Broadcasting
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Medical/Dental
  • Real Estate Developers and Owners

Our Value Proposition

MCC provides value to its customers by working closely with them to understand their needs and then structuring transactions that will work for both the customer and the funding source.  A critical part of this process is facilitating and organizing the flow of information between funding sources and clients and pre-qualifying clients and their transactions so that they will be approved as proposed.  MCC provides assistance in the development of business and financing plans and works closely with management and the funding sources to make both the client and the lender comfortable with the proposed transaction by clearly outlining the key issues, opportunities and risks.

McPherson Commercial Capital offers flexible financing options to our clients designed to meet specific as well as long term needs.  The focus is consultative in that we strive to fully understand the clientís business goals, needs, and growth plans before a solution is proposed.  For instance, a client may need to refinance its business to take advantage of lower interest rates but may also seek to sell the business in a few years.  Under this circumstance any financing solution must be selected in light of the potential sale of the business. Consequently, assignability of the debt, prepayment penalties and other costs of early retirement of debt must be considered in the selection of the funding provider.  We are committed to meeting your needs for a prompt and effective solution to you, our client.

Funding and business solutions used by our clients include equipment financing and leasing, real estate mortgages and leases, asset based loans collateralized by receivables and/or inventory, consulting with our clients to determine a course of action as well as establishment of funding and financing programs for vendors and franchisors.  Our clients have used funds raised to refinance business assets, to provide funds for growth and acquisitions or to restructure the clientís debt to better match it to the current business model.

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